Pujuk hati. Teguhkan iman.

Dalam hidup ni, pelbagai cabaran akan kita tempuhi. Kadang-kala kita rasa macam tak kuat. Dah tak larat nak teruskan. Tapi kita kena ingat, setiap ujian yang kita tempuhi, pasti berbaloi. Allah akan ganjarkan dengan subhanallah, nikmat yang tak ternilai.

Kuatkan hati ya sayang.
Ingat Allah.
Dia Maha Mendengar.
Sentiasa bersama kita.
Dalam sedih.
Dalam tawa.
Dalam bahagia.
Setiap masa, Dia setia di sisi.

Allahu. Adakah kita mampu mencintaiNya seperti Dia mencintai diri ini ?

Ya Allah, maafkan atas segala kekhilafan kami. Dekatkanlah diri kami denganMu. Teguhkan iman kami. Hanya Engkau sahaja yang kami miliki.

Don't Be Sad

Sometimes we tend to forget Allah. But He never forget us. He still be with us in any conditions, any places, any times. He always available to hear our tears, du'a, and stories.

We have to realize everything that is happening is from Allah. You won't get depressed. When you tend to forget Allah SWT, you will end up to be depressed. You think things are black and gloomy. No! We don't believe this ! We believe in happy ending.  The roots of Western civilization is tragedy. If we look at the major masterpiece of Western literature, they are all tragic. They have horrible endings, everybody dies. Its not Muslims view. Our stories in Qur'an, they are all good endings. If we look on Qu'ran, they are telling the happy endings. The good guys. The good people in it. No matter how bleak it looks like, there its duniya. Duniya means the lowest place. Ad-Duniya. The lower bottom. We're on the bottom, there is only up from here. This place is designed to break your heart. It was designed on that way. If you're looking to be happy in duniya, you're in the wrong place.

How many wealthy people do you know? Who have the children in the tribulation? Who have sons that are in the wayward ? If they could get back to their old shoes. Atleast they can sleep at night. Or now, they need to get the pills to get sleep.

Ibn Abbas said, the foundation of duniya is tribulation.  If you're in ni'mah, its is easier in some ways and its is not in some ways. It is easier to forget Allah when things to get well. It is difficult to forget Allah in hard time. When things are easy, there will follow by the hard time and otherwise.

"The best worship is waiting for the ease from Allah to come when you are in a hardship."

If we're patient in the tribulation, we're doing Ibadah. If we start complaining, Allah will give us more things to complain about. When we are complaining the small calamities, Allah will give us great calamities. We all know we will get the tribulation, but make du'a to Allah, not losing our Deen. Once we lost our Deen, its hard to get it back.

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